Pregnancy Milestone Cards


My Pregnancy Milestone Card set includes 24 cards:
12 weeks  |  2nd trimester  |  16 weeks  |  20 weeks  |  24 weeks  |  28 weeks  |  3rd trimester  |  30 weeks  |  32 weeks  |  34 weeks  |  36 weeks  |  38 weeks  |  Due date  |  We're having a baby!  |  We heard your heartbeat for the first time  |  Mummy felt you kick for the first time  |  It's a boy  |  It's a girl  |  Daddy felt you kick for the first time  |  Today is my baby shower  |  I can officially no longer see my toes!  |  Your nursery is ready little one  |  Hospital bags are packed  |  I can't wait to meet you as I already love you

There are a range of different bags to choose from to store your cards in, also making for a great gift. There is also an option without the bag for those who don't need one and also if you are looking for milestone cards for when bub cubs, you can choose the BUMPER set where you get both sets of cards for a discounted price!

Each bag is individually sewn by me! To keep the bags unique, I will be selecting new and exciting prints regularly, so make sure you snap up your favourite while stocks last.

But don’t worry, I’ll always keep you updated on the latest prints, so follow me on instagram @jrykerscreative for sneak peeks!

Each card is printed on quality 300gsm linen stock with lovely soft round cut corners.

Each order will be sent out within 2-3 business days to allow time for packaging each order. If stock becomes unavailable in your bag of choice, backorder is available. Please allow 5-7 business days for bags to be re-stocked. If you require your order urgently, email me with your request and I will do my best to make it happen.

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